Deep trouble indeed. He’d finish and go away to his house – no-one could get near him.”, “I knew I was in the presence of one of the best talents of all-time and it was a blessing for me,” Zola told talkSPORT a couple of years ago. For me it was the most beautiful thing I could ever imagine; Maradona letting me play in the No.10. Later on, Maradona was the one I was using to look up to. He found that figure in the epochal form of Maradona, a man reborn in … If he went out for a walk, the whole town wanted to touch him, then many bad people began to stay near him. “The person I looked up to. "I used to watch every single movement, everything Diego used to do in training. I got picked for the drug test.’, Maradona claimed he was clean. I wasn't supposed to play that game because I pulled my groin very badly, I managed to recover and then scored a goal that was very important.". Soon, the team officials started considering him as the perfect substitute of the legendary Argentinean footballer Diego Maradona. Maradona arrives last. We said he must've fallen asleep, he wasn't in his house… this guy, he went to a party the night before and on the way back he just dropped on the side of the road. The midfield was a dream.". While the tag of ‘Maradona’s successor’ followed Zola around, to the point where it was mentioned in essentially every article about him in the early days at Chelsea, it’s clear that those two years had a profound effect on him, about both on the pitch and about the life of a superstar off it. Think Jose Mourinho, Arsene Wenger and Jurgen Klopp. I don’t think anyone like Diego will ever be born again. Off the pitch, I always liked his simplicity. I could hardly kick a ball straight.”, Then Zola got a chance, cutting in from the left, and he pulled back his right foot, remembering Maradona’s lessons. Luciano Moggi – the Ernst Stavro Blofeld of Italian football in the 1980s and 90s, always seeming to lurk in the background, the hand behind everything – had spotted this small kid with big hair playing for Torres in Sardinia and brought him over, at the same time as Massimo Mauro, who arrived from Juventus. The story goes, as told on the upcoming Golazzo episode about Zola, that Ferlaino took one look at the skinny, 5ft 6 Sardinian signed from Serie C and told Moggi that he could present him to the media, while he would introduce the taller and more established Mauro. So when we met I said to myself: ‘Try not to say anything stupid. Day 22 of BBC Sport's advent calendar is for former boxer Nicola Adams, who swapped the ring for the dancefloor in this year's Strictly Come Dancing. "I arrived in England in November 1996 and didn't know there was a tradition to go out for Christmas lunch. Gianfranco Zola a encouragé Lionel Messi à se mettre en évidence sur l'ancien terrain de jeu de Diego Maradona lorsque Barcelone affrontera Napoli au Stadio San Paolo. so Rob runs us through The Football Republic's Top 10 world class players who turned in to useless managers, featuring Gary Neville, Gianfranco Zola and Diego Maradona. He chastised the pontiff in his autobiography for living in … He was very humble and down to earth. Here are just a few of the highlights that Maradona has left us with. “One day when we played against Pisa…he made me play in the No.10 jersey and picked the No.9 for himself. "My first one when I was very young, growing up in my hometown. "One day we were playing 11 v 11 on the pitch. It was unbelievable. “The list is qualified, not long,” he said in 1997, just after joining Chelsea, when asked which players he looked up to. “I thought it was going to hit the corner flag but then it suddenly curled and went in. The story of an extraordinary day that saw India start as favourites for the first Test but crumble to 36 all out and lose to Australia by eight wickets. “Everything was going wrong for me. Former Chelsea and Italy star Gianfranco Zola is the latest Premier League legend to reveal all to Match of the Day's Top 10 podcast. It was a home game against Atalanta. We couldn't believe the goal he scored.". "A lot of specific training for the defence, the midfield, the strikers, I thought he was on a different level.". Mourners started filing past the coffin of Diego Maradona in Buenos Aires as Argentina began three days of national mourning on Thursday following the death of the former national football team captain. Some of the things that used to come out from him were incredible. He was and will always be unique. The Argentinean had a huge influence on him and his playing career. It’s quite touching listening to Zola – or ‘Marazola’, as he became known – talk about those early days alongside El Diego. Zola was a young man in a new city and in need of a mentor to guide his development. Yet it is Liverpool's to lose. “I learned a lot from him. FF y était. This piece first appeared on The Totally Football, home of Golazzo, a podcast about the history of Italian football, presented by James Richardson. Le légendaire meneur de jeu de Chelsea, Gianfranco Zola, aujourd'hui entraîneur d'Al Arabi, donne son point de vue sur l'éternel débat Maradona-Messi. "Playing for your own country, I've always thought that was the best thing that could happen to you. But Maradona’s impact on the young Zola was not just due to his absence. The goalkeeper threw the ball to him halfway in the middle of the pitch, he controlled it with his chest, lobbed the marker and without letting the ball bounce hit this volley and lobbed the keeper on the other side. Listen to the latest MOTD Top 10 podcast with Gianfranco Zola. "When you are young, and playing and training with a player like that, you get so many insights and things that can improve the game. He sits next to me, taps me on the leg and does a pumped up grimace that says “I am up for this.” Gianfranco Zola is over the way. Photograph: Martin Godwin/The Guardian … After 45 minutes we were 2-0 down. MOTD Top 10 podcast: Gianfranco Zola on Diego Maradona, Ronaldo and life at Chelsea Last updated on 15 July 2020 15 July 2020 . Gianfranco Zola has backed Lionel Messi to rise to the occasion of playing at Diego Maradona's old stomping ground when Barcelona take on Napoli at Stadio San Paolo. He will always be the greatest ever. But they might not. The immensely talented Zola scored a couple of goals to help Napoli win the 1990 Serie A title. He played his debut match for Napoli in 1989. "The first goal in Serie A. “He was my idol,” Zola told our own James Richardson recently. It was a big blessing for me, because half of the player I am is down to him. All Napoli players are upset as a friend is in deep trouble.”. Best Football Players - Then and Now - Ronaldo, Maradona, Messi, Pelé,...etc - Duration: 10:07. Zola was shocked – shocked! "They found him still asleep on the road. "It is difficult to compare to nowadays, in those years it was much harder to score goals.". But despite the disparity in personas, the two had a master-apprentice relationship in those early days at Napoli. Read about our approach to external linking. Home F365 Features When Gianfranco Zola met Diego Maradona…, Date published: Thursday 10th October 2019 3:26. I always took big pride at being part of the Italian squad. They used t… "Although I played him only once in a friendly, the impression he gave me from watching him in that game was unbelievable. "It was so hilarious to see him in that condition. I liked him, not only as a player, but also a man. "Brazil 2-3 Italy in the 1982 World Cup. Klopp had the pleasure of meeting Maradona once and has described what it was like to meet the superstar. He joined Gary Lineker and Jermaine Jenas to reflect on the moments and people that shaped his career. His friendship with Diego Maradona also played a significant role in shaping his career. He was most recently the assistant manager of Chelsea. Imagine my confidence, but especially my shock!”, That season they won the title again, but the following year is when things really started to go south for Maradona. Both were small men blessed with high technical skills and a low centre of gravity. This piece first appeared on The Totally Football, home of Golazzo, a … Then I met Maradona. Gianfranco Zola : Son grand regret avec Chelsea Dailymotion. Deep to the tune of a 15-month ban, much to the dismay of Zola. "The other one, without doubt, was against Stuttgart when we won the Cup Winners' Cup with Chelsea. He changed my life. It suits no-one to accept the Premier League title race is an illusion. We only really ever saw him at training. "And that's before the … Last updated on 15 July 202015 July 2020.From the section Premier League. The diminutive forward, dubbed 'Magic Box' for his quick feet and close control, played for Napoli and Parma before joining the Blues in 1996. Maradona once told the Pope to sell his gold ceiling. - … Napoli had messed me around and now they were going to have to dance.’. “A sentence as rigid as this?” he lamented. ‘I didn’t know what was going on,’ wrote Maradona in his autobiography. It was a flash of lightning. A fantastic team-mate, always creating a good atmosphere.". Gianfranco Zola has hailed the impact Diego Maradona had on his career when the two played together at Napoli. "One of the craziest but also the funniest was Faustino Asprilla at Parma. Born a Catholic, Diego Maradona said that meeting Pope John Paul II was a “disappointment”. It was Gigi Riva. Lord. Gianfranco Zola had an unspectacular start to his professional career and plied his trade in Serie C till the age of 23. ”It is as if they have disqualified soccer for 15 months.” Maradona left Napoli to sign for Sevilla when the suspension ended, while Zola stayed and inherited the No.10 jersey for another couple of seasons, until financial problems at the club meant he was sold to Parma in 1993. “I can’t believe he took drugs. Gianfranco Zola is preparing for his managerial debut with West Ham today by looking to one of the game's greats for inspiration. The two arrivals in many ways reflected their respective personalities, Maradona the extrovert (in public at least), living high and thriving on being the symbol of a team and city; Zola the introvert, the modest and unassuming type who once approached a group of men who were planning to kidnap him and asked if they wanted an autograph. ‘After the Copa America I went fishing in Esquina, in Corrientes,’ Maradona wrote. "It's very easy to answer that question. It was very important, gave me such a boost, also with the supporters. Six new episodes of Golazzo – including the Zola edition – will be released in the week commencing October 14. Liverpool and Manchester United get all the praise while Arsenal get a complete shoeing. Update your browser to view this website correctly.Update my browser now. Try not to do anything stupid.’ I stayed still, like a doll, saying nothing…and in the end, I looked stupid.”, Zola signed for Napoli at the start of their second Scudetto season, but things were already starting to go slightly awry for Maradona. “He was the best player in the world and I learned so much just from watching him and training with him.”, ‘He paid really close attention to the things I did during training sessions,’ wrote Maradona, ‘and some of it stayed with him.’ That work helped Zola significantly in some early games for Napoli when he stood in for Maradona which, for a wet-behind-the-ears 23-year-old, just signed from the relative footballing backwaters, came with obvious and significant pressure. "Arrigo Sacchi. We went to this disco, I was a little bit late as usual, the first thing I stepped in and saw Frode Grodas on top of a table half undressed, completely drunk and singing a Norwegian song! His influence has been terrific.”. Angry that Ferlaino had reneged on an apparent promise to let him leave the club for Marseille earlier that year, Maradona took his own sweet time returning to the club. – to hear that drug-taking was going on. I’ve learnt so much just from watching him.”, Maradona, despite his famously casual relationship with training, would stay behind after sessions to teach the young pretender how to take free-kicks and curl the ball in that Maradona way. Tiers are all the rage right now, so how about we sort the greatest of all time into different echelons? Well, sort of: he claimed he was clean at that particular time, while admitting to a more general cocaine habit, and hinted that dark forces were at work when he tested positive. Maradona died on Wednesday at the age of 60 after a heart attack at his home in northern Buenos Aires.His body was taken to the Casa Rosada - the presidential palace - where up to one … Halfway through, Maradona peered up at the ceiling to witness some giddy fans banging on the skylight. "Mark Hughes came on and was unbelievable for us, after a few minutes we scored and there was electricity on the pitch, you could feel it was a special game. Gianfranco Zola has hailed the impact Diego Maradona had on his career when the two played together at Napoli. "I'm walking next to a young Gianfranco Zola, Alemão, Careca and at the top of the pack was Maradona, who was absolutely amazing. You were always one step behind. Diego Maradona and Dennis Wise: Two small men (5ft 5in an 5ft 6in respectively) who had a big influence on Gianfranco Zola (all 5ft 5.5in of him). The difference that there was between Diego and the others, was similar to Ronaldo and the others. “He was Maradona, yet with the team he seemed just like an ordinary lad like the rest of us. Gianfranco Zola OMRI OBE is an Italian football manager and former footballer who played predominantly as a forward. That was one of the reasons we were successful, because we had a very good atmosphere between each other.". “He had so many problems because he couldn’t have a normal life. He speaks Spanish and acts as translator. “He was always fantastic to me and I will never forget the help he gave me,” Zola told the Daily Mirror in 1997. At Naples, Maradona was grooming an understudy, a young Sardinian player called Gianfranco Zola. “Platini captured my imagination as a boy. Soon we’re on the team bus. He was Maradona, yet with the team, he seemed just like an ordinary lad like the rest of us. Diego Maradona arrived at Napoli in a blizzard of hype and confusion, so superbly documented in ‘Diego’, Asif Kapadia’s film about the great man. “I have great esteem and respect for Diego,” he said. When Gianfranco Zola met Diego Maradona… Date published: Thursday 10th October 2019 3:26. One Mailboxer wants your help in understanding why Diego Maradona was better than Thierry Henry... Liverpool will probably win it. ‘I went skiing in Las Lenas, in Mendoza, and I enjoyed it, I enjoyed my first holidays for years. Gianfranco Zola né le 5 juillet 1966 à Oliena, en Sardaigne, est un footballeur international italien devenu entraîneur. The atmosphere was unbelievable. “The things he did! “I was very lucky to be his team-mate and get to play with him as well as watch him train every day,” he told FourFourTwo in 2007. ... Gianfranco Zola Teaches Jimmy Bullard How To Take PERFECT Free-Kicks! From the section Premier League "One day, we all started training in the morning and we looked at each other and said 'Where is Tino?'. He may have wanted to punish his club, but the knock-on impact was that Zola was given a chance to impress earlier than a callow youth from the third tier would usually have done. Gianfranco Zola managed West Ham United for 73 Premier League games during a turbulent time for the club. L'actuel entraineur d'Al-Arabi (Qatar) raconte son histoire et évoque son futur de technicien. When I grew up he was my first hero. Diego really wants to win tonight. "Scoring the winner against England was such a big satisfaction for me (in a 1-0 win at Wembley in World Cup qualifying) - especially the day after when I went to the training ground and saw Dennis Wise's face!". Gianfranco Zola est une des légendes du football italien des années 90, après avoir fréquenté Diego Maradona à Naples, il a rejoint Chelsea en 1996. The preparation - we used to train in a certain way but when we went to him he had had this different approach, looking after every single detail on the pitch. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer brought his balloon and Leeds were absolutely not ready for it.

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