Alpi Retiche Bianco I.G.T. Alpi Retiche IGP. Links to other Wine Notes See all. Sub-Appellation: Alpi Retiche IGT in Sondrio; Soil: 70% sand, 30% silt with high granite concentration; Bottles Produced: 12,500; Harvested: October 1st; Maceration: 12 hours; Time of Aging: 6 months; Barrel Details: Stainless Steel; About Mamete Prevostini. Valtellina Superiore DOCG, its Subzones (Maroggia, Sassella, Grumello, Inferno and Valgella), and its jewel Sforzato have always been considered a hidden gem and are quickly gaining more attention all over the world. 5 Scores. Registration Number: FG - 307990. 25 € Tastings are accompanied by local produce * booking recommended. From the same producer. Alpi retiche igt wines on sale on wine shop, leader in selling wines online. The red berry fruit is immediate and irresistible, and behind is poise and elegance which lingers in the memory. Alpi Retiche IGP ‘Sottocastello’ Sandro Fay. By entering the De Luca Fine Wines site, you are confirming that you are of legal age to buy or consume alcohol in your province. Pietro Nera La Novella Bianco Alpi Retiche A top rated year for this wine (2018 Vintage) Popular among Vivino users. An appellation where the Alpi Retiche mountains, climate and influence of the Adda River and Lago di Como play key role in the evolution of its wines. Code saq 14238571. - Rosso. ALPI RETICHE BIANCO | ZEROVERO. Alpi Retiche is a white wine made entirely from the Nebbiolo grape, harvested by hand in the terraced vineyards of Valtellina. Alpi Retiche Cinquanta 50 2011. Its longevity makes vinification possible with no additional sulphites besides those already present in the wine. Community wine reviews and ratings on 2011 Conti Sertoli Salis Alpium Vino delle Alpi Terrazze Retiche di Sondrio IGT, plus professional notes, label images, wine details, and recommendations on … “Ca’ Brione” Alpi Retiche IGT € 20,15 Lisa korvi; Pakkumine Vigneto “Fracia” Valtellina Superiore DOCG € 24,45 € 19,99 Lisa korvi “Mazer” Valtellina Superiore DOCG Inferno € 17,55 Lisa korvi; Cuveé Negri Brut NV, Vino Spumante Metodo Classico € 16,99 Lisa korvi April 15 - 18 … Rosso di Valtellina. Signup here to get notified when this product comes back in stock. Want a discount? Please verify your age. Eccellente ed unico, ALPI RETICHE, ottenuto da Uve Nebbiolo vinificato in bianco riserva 2018 della Cantina Nino Negri (Valtellina) • Siamo rivenditori unici per Rovigo e provincia. Aller au site SAQ. This wine's rating, tasting notes, price and auction data are only available to members. Discover Discover. Rosso di Valtellina ‘Téi’ Sandro Fay. I Vinautori SIRANO IGT Rosso. Inferno La Cruus 2015. Un vino che nasce da un progetto del 2015 e che rispolvera le tradizioni valtellinesi dei nostri avi. Technical Details . Casa Vinicola Aldo Rainoldi Il Vino come Cultura wwwrainoldicom Wine as a culture Wein als ultur Crespino Alpi Retiche Igt Prima annata di produzione 1995 | First production vintage 1995 | Erstes Produktionsjahr 1995 0,75 L Comuni di Teglio e Ponte in Valtellina Municipalities of Teglio and Ponte in Valtellina Gemeinden Teglio und Ponte in Valtellina Sud, 500 - 650 m s.l.m. Ecco la nostra novità. At the helm of the historical Nino Negri Valtellina winery is a manager and wine-maker with lots of experience in the world of Nebbiolo. Du même producteur. After three years of regularly tasting this winery at Vinitaly, we were finally able to persuade Mamete Prevostini to join Massanois. Go to SAQ website. 20 € 2 - I grandi vini di Valtellina . Description. More than 70 ratings (2015 Vintage) A top rated year for this wine (2018 Vintage) Popular among Vivino users. Typical Geographic Indication . is the trading name of CIBILIA CAPUT CIBI SRL a Company Registered in Italy. Disponible à la SAQ. Our first year of the Inferno “La Crus” 2015 Valtellina Superiore has won the highest prize at the Decanter World Wine Awards 2018, the most important wine competition in the world! CA’ BRIONE Bianco Alpi Retiche IGT. Region Lombardy, Alpi Retiche Regulated Designation IGP/IGT Indicazione Geografica protetta / tipica Grape variety Chardonnay 100 % Nebbiolo from the Valtellina area of Lombardy, from a hugely exciting producer. Company Information. denomination area of Alpi Retiche in the province of Sondrio Wine Light and fresh, matured for 6 months in steel containers technical data sheet. IGT Alpi Retiche di Sondrio. Region Lombardia Designation IGT/IGP Variety Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Chiavennasca Colour White Type Still Wine BUY NOW. Sourced from Rainoldi’s vineyards in Valtellina. Alpi Retiche IGT (formerly Terrazze Retiche di Sondrio) is a key IGT (Indicazione Geografica Tipica) title of the Lombardy region in northern Italy, near the Swiss border. I AM AIMING FOR THE PUREST WINE MAKING PROCESS POSSIBLE. Already a member? 2015. Grapes Nebbiolo - Chardonnay - Incrocio Manzoni Features and curiosity This wine is made by white vinification of red grapes from Nebbiolo and other local hystoric grape as the Rossola and by vinification of Chardonnay and Incrocio Manzoni grapes. Rosso di Valtellina. Discover Discover. Name: La Novella® Appellation: I.G.T. Ca’Brione – Bianco Alpi Retiche Område: Italien/Lombardiet Klassifikation: IGT Årgang: 2018 Drue: Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Nebbiolo Alkohol: 13 % Ca’Brione er et tydeligt bevis på, at Nino Negri og Valtellina-dalen kan andet og mere end at producere fantastiske rødvine. LE SELEZIONI DI PRESTIGIO. Alcohol content 13.5% Formerly labelled Terrazze Retiche di Sondrio IGT.. Stores and prices for '2017 Triacca 'La Contea' Alpi Retiche IGT, Lombardy' | tasting notes, market data, prices and stores in UK. - Rosso. Vino di Giò. I AM AIMING FOR THE PUREST WINE MAKING PROCESS POSSIBLE. The origin (the vine, the grape) The most characterising element of this wine is undoubtedly the special grapes used in its production, as well as the orographic location of vineyards where they are harvested. 6. €27.50. This sold out quickly. $44.95 ($269.70 per case) Oopps! Available at the SAQ. SAQ code 14238571. Inferno La Cruus 2015. The grapes for this particularly vigorous white wine were first harvested in 1986 in the vineyards of the Fracia cru in the municipalities of Teglio and Chiuro and the Tresivio basin. White Rhaetitian Alps. Vintage: 2004. It was founded in 1995, and changed name in 2017. Selection of 4 wines: the Riserva, two Sforzato and a vintage wine. 50.75 $ In case of discrepancy between the prices indicated on our website and those of the SAQ, the prices of the SAQ prevail. Indicative blend: 85% Pignola (red grape vinified white) & 15% Sauvignon Blanc. VAT. €14.00. Questa vallata è orientata Est-Ovest; a Nord è protetta dalle Alpi Retiche ed a Sud dalle Prealpi Orobie. Terrazze Retiche di Sondrio I.G.T. Terrazze Retiche di Sondrio I.G.T. Aggregated Critics Score Learn more. Region Lombardia Designation IGT/IGP Variety Muscat Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling Renano, Gewurtztraminer Colour White Type Still Wine BUY NOW. Lombardie, Italie. default.LEGGI_LA_NEWS . April 15 - 18 … ISPIRAZIONE Passito Alpi Retiche IGT. Quantity Add to basket. START FREE 30-DAY TRIAL. Nebbiolo IGT Alpi Retiche Magnum by Aldo Rainoldi 2018; Nebbiolo IGT Alpi Retiche Magnum by Aldo Rainoldi 2018. Our first year of the Inferno “La Crus” 2015 Valtellina Superiore has won the highest prize at the Decanter World Wine Awards 2018, the most important wine competition in the world! ALPI RETICHE IGT IMPERFETTO ... vino dalla sorprendente versatilità dovuta alla bella freschezza. Artisanal Wine Valtellina Alpi Retiche IGT Red 2018 - La Spia . Price £ 22.00 incl. Join today for immediate access to our database of more than 390,000 wine ratings. Buy now Awards . Born in the province of Cuneo, Danilo Drocco graduated in oenology at the University of Turin. Sustainability. The valley runs east to west […] and is protected to the north by the Rhaetian Alps and to the south by the Orobian Pre-Alps oj4 oj4 . 2015. Get Notified . Tasting of 6 wines: from Igt Alpi Retiche to Sforzato. Vin blanc. Ottimo con piatti molto ricchi della cucina internazionale: Temperatura – Modalità di servizio: aprire poco prima del servizio e servire in ballon a 18 °C. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Alpi Retiche IGP ‘Sottocastello’ Sandro Fay. Availability: Sold Out. Sustainability. Chardonnay. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. I Vinautori SIRANO IGT Rosso Short description. The I.G.T. 89 / 100. Our magazine. The wine has fresh aromas of exotic fruit, spices and a note of musk. Lombardia, Italy. Searching for the perfect balance between product and territory, this wine takes the best from Nebbiolo grapes of Valtellina. The historic cellar and the Crotasc Restaurant are in Valchiavenna, in Mese (SO), in via Don Primo Lucchinetti 63. Fine and Rare Wine Merchant providing access to premium and hard-to-find wines from around the world. It only takes moments—but it will help you drink better all year long. Product by: Casa Vinicola I Vinautori Write your review Customer Policy Delivery policy. 50.75 $ En cas de divergence entre les prix indiqués sur notre site et ceux de la SAQ, les prix de la SAQ prévalent. Alpi Retiche IGP. Created with Sketch. Shouldn't be too long. Our magazine. Members-Only Content Premium Subscription. Vivino will guide you through the world of wine, including La Novella Bianco Alpi Retiche. Nino Negri is the unique expression of its terroir, from which it draws the inspiration for each of its wines, including this aptly named passito, with a pervasive nose and a concentrated, plush palate. Unadulterated, expressive, bags of character. White wine. Rosso di Valtellina ‘Téi’ Sandro Fay. Alpi Retiche Igt. The wine is full, balanced and elegant on the palate, with finishing notes of fruit and vanilla. Artisanal Wine Valtellina PG40 DOCG Red 2015 - La Spia . Chardonnay. IGT Alpi Retiche ‘IGITi’ 2019 — Pizzo Coca, Lombardy [V] 13%. default.LEGGI_LA_NEWS . Alpi Retiche IGT Rosato Monrose. Short description. Vintage: 2004. Guida Rosa Rosati Rosè 2019 | 4 rose- 90 points - Vintage 2018 Mamete Prevostini wines. Alpi Retiche IGT Rosato Monrose.