A messenger from a possible new ally arrives. Spotting Prince Aethelwulf, Rollo heads toward him with murderous intent, but ends up wounded, then trampled by horses. He strongly believes in his Gods, especially Thor and that bad things happen to him because the Gods are punishing him. However, Ragnar accepts Aethelwulf's invitation to meet King Ecbert at his villa in a peaceful manner. Jarl Borg discerns that Rollo is jealous and resentful of Ragnar's success, and connives to divide the brothers against each other. Was the Real-life Rollo Ragnar Lothbrok’s Brother? Rollo declares that his own baptism did not change him and that the Gods protected him from the Christian magic, yet have refused to protect Ragnar, once again blaming Athelstan for this. The ensuing battle is a victory for Ragnar, with Jarl Borg barely escaping with his life. Bursting into Jarl Borg's sleeping chambers, they seize Borg and subject him to a brutal beating. Ragnar replies he does not care about Paris, and that he is here for Rollo. Significant Other/s: 4.4K likes. Ragnar charges for Rollo, but is grabbed and thrown into one of the fleeing ships, as they sail away in defeat. A bedridden (but un-poisoned) Rollo is confronted by two of Horik's soldiers and, despite being barely able to stand, he reaches for his axe that Siggy left for him and bravely fights them. His new second wife, in the room, looks away. When the Saxon forces are spotted, Horik insists on attacking head-on. But, according to the accounts of the time, it was not Ragnar Lothbrok but Rollo and some other Viking chieftains who made the attack on Paris resulting in him being baptized and becoming the Duke of Normandy (more on that later in the article). There are several theories regarding the birthplace and origin of Duke Rollo of Normandy. Gisla jumps in by saying that they still have business here, family business. Before the ceremony can properly begin, Ragnar pops out of his coffin very much alive and takes the Princess captive, proceeding to exit the city with a knife to her throat, giving his warriors a chance to open the gates and for them to attack. Was Rollo actually Ragnar Lothbrok’s brother ? Kattegat, Norway Siggy tells him that his brother Ragnar is negotiating with King Horik. Firstly, there is a huge gap between the times Ragnar and Rollo lived in. Run by a fan. As he and his son enter the palace, he is greeted by his wife who kisses his hand and gives thanks to God that he is alive and well. It seems the Viking left behind with him don’t think much of their nominal leader, who’s become a Frankish noble and a Christian. Norvégiából I. Harald norvég király száműzte, Rollo pedig 876-ban a Nyugati Frank Királyság (a mai Franciaország) területére ment rablóhadjáratot folytatni. Rollo Lothbrok x Fem!reader. The Northmen find themselves between multiple bodies of the allied forces of King Ecbert and King Aella. In the episode Invasion, four years later, Rollo has descended into self-destructive behavior. According to the legend, Hrólfr the Walker was a very large Viking who had to walk since no horse could carry him. 273 Pin • 19 follower. That being said, there are a lot of discrepancies with history and we will start with that. In addition to that, a Welsh author suggests in The Life of Gruffudd ap Cynan that Rollo the Viking was actually the brother of Harald Fairhair/Harald Finehair, King of Norway (another character loosely based on a real-life character in History Channel’s Vikings). Rollo rapes a Moorish woman and it seems he is back to his old, selfish ways again. Following Ragnar's death in England and the murder of Queen Aslaug by Lagertha, the line of succession is unclear and who become the new head of the House has yet to be seen. However, at times he can be seen as being a bit of a lonely character who just wants to be loved and admired. Despite being amused by her defiant spirit, Rollo shouts everyone to leave the room. Rollo introduces his family to his nephews before one of the nannies takes the children away. Rollo takes her hand and tells her that only a coward kills a man by stabbing him in the back to which Gisla then amusingly adds that, that is only what a Viking would do and that Rollo is no longer a Viking before seductively feeding her husband a piece of chicken. Both Rollo and his wife are confused as to why they are here and so he asks his nephew Bjorn who replies saying "That he wants to go here" showing his uncle an old map of the Mediterranean sea. Rollo je zkušený vikinský bojovník, který preferuje silné obouruční zbraně jako sekeru či meč. Rollo the Walker – Origin of the Name “Rollo”. In the show, these attacks are the reason Rollo gets involved with the French court and becomes a member of it. Later, Rollo and Count Odo are talking about how they can attack the Vikings. Each must die some day! In the episode Scarred, after the victorious campaign in Mercia, Rollo exchanges some pleasantries with Prince Aethelwulf at the Viking-Wessex camp. Livelihood: Similarly, in Icelandic sagas Rollo is identified with Göngu-Hrólfr (Ganger-Hrolf in Old Danish language – “Hrólfr the Walker”). Jarl Borg is subjected to the blood eagle. The Vikings and Franks battle on the river, with the Vikings defeating the first fleet of French ships. Ragnar and Rollo begin to battle and come to a stalemate. Still, under the influence, Rollo and Torstein just laugh at her strange behavior. 20K likes. Later, the Viking camp celebrates their treasures as Rollo stares into the distance and contemplates the Seer's previous prediction of his fate. Ragnar passed away. Rollo was one of the most important Vikings in the history and that is probably the reason why the producer wanted to add the character to the mix. Scourge of England and France, father of the Great Heathen Army and lover to the mythical queen Aslaug, the legend of Ragnar Lothbrok has enchanted story tellers and historians for almost a millennium. 13-nov-2019 - Esplora la bacheca "Rollo" di Isabella Coletto su Pinterest. Rollo grabs his wife by the chin and tells her that everything she says is true. Borg asks the skull, kissing it intently. She complains to Rollo that because of his feckless behavior, he was not invited to these negotiations and is missing out on an opportunity to raise himself and improve his position. Ragnar Lothbrok was a Danish Viking warlord and a renowned hero of Norse history who lived in the 9 th century. Requested by Anonymous- Could you do something with Rollo? He grows particularly close to his eldest nephew, Björn, taking it upon himself to spar with and train the younger warrior in preparation for the upcoming return to Wessex. Emperor CharlesRagnar Lothbrok (formerly) Unexpected help soon comes, however, when Lagertha, Ragnar's former wife, and Björn, his oldest son, now taller than Ragnar and as powerfully-built as Rollo, arrive at the head of a column of warriors. Floki approaches Rollo as he is walking and he agrees with him that Athelstan "Poisoned Ragnar's mind" and that they are now seeing the "Fruit of it". The lands of the Northmen expanded even more with a third grant when Cotentin and Avranchin was given to William Longsword, Rollo’s son in 933 which is assumed to be the year of Rollo’s death. 14 of 95 individuals View all. Rollo just laughs feeling amused as they carry on their journey. In the episode Born Again, Rollo reveals to everyone that Athelstan no longer wears his armring, which ends up leading Floki to kill Athelstan. Ragnar and Rollo agree, but the earl wants to deal with Jarl Borg first. As soon as they are alone she unleashes her pent-up anger, cussing at him in Old Frankish before slapping and punching him in the face, leaving Rollo stunned. During the arranged meeting, Rollo turns up and bears witness to Ragnar's baptism. Up into the overturned keel. Appearance Count: This was later supported by William of Malmesbury, an English historian who lived in 12th century. In the episode The Last Ship, on the river, a fleet of Frankish ships approach the Vikings with Rollo leading the way. The descendants of Rollo also conquered England, Italy (Sicily in particular) and even lands as far as Middle East, namely the Principality of Antioch (a region within the lands of modern day Turkey and Syria). Both Rollo and Torstein try to grope Princess Kwewthrith when she apparently flirts with them. Aelle agrees to pay the ransom, but adds the condition that one of Ragnar's men must become Christian first, so he can only negotiate and make peace with a fellow Christian. He married Poppa and had a son from her named William Longsword who became his successor. His nephew Bjorn tries to discourage him from this drunken brawling, but ends up beating his uncle himself out of desperation and fear that his behavior will get him killed. The Seer laughs and tells Rollo that if he knew what the Gods had planned for him, he would dance naked on the beach. Vikings in 30 Pictures – What is Real and What is Not? Portrayed by King Horik, however, has no interest in diplomacy or negotiation, secretly sending a company of warriors under his son Erlendur into the forest to ambush Aethelwulf and his escort on their way back, intentionally sparing only Aethelwulf. Rollo then enters into a relationship with Siggy. I. In the episode Warrior's Fate, in the preparation for the second battle against Prince Burgred's forces, Rollo helps the disabled Torstein to walk so that he can fight one last time and die in battle. Although Ragnar and his men laugh and balk at this stipulation, Rollo agrees to do so, to the surprise of his companions. In the episode Yol, Papal legate from Rome arrives to deal with their divorce. Setting camp in Wessex, Rollo notices the tension between Ragnar and King Horik. Sigurd Hring † (father)Alfhild Gandolfsdatter † (mother) They turn to leave after an agreement to meet is made, and Rollo pulls Sinric back, cutting his ropes free and allowing him back into their camp. Lothbrok ( meaning “hairy breeches” )  was an epithet given to Ragnar because of the hairy breeches (or dirty breeches according to some accounts) he wore fighting a poison-breathing serpent. Rollo seems surprised, but not chagrined. With Borg's forces sailing up the fjord, Rollo quickly rouses himself from his frustration and self-pity to organize and mount a hurried but worthy defense of Kattegat. Aug 16, 2013 - the vikings rollo | Vikings / Ragnar & Rollo #vikingsIm digging this show ,very close to life back then,and eay on the eye. In the wake of the engagement, Rollo compliments Björn on his fighting prowess. DukeViking Warrior (formerly) We hear the Seer remind us that "Not the living, but the dead will conquer Paris" as Ragnar collapses and we see Rollo, Lagertha, Floki, and Kalf gaze upon him while congregating outside the city gate. Rollo's nicknames are "The Bear" or "Ganger" meaning the walker. Rollo receives a visit from Eirik. This information might also be biased as these claims were made by Rollo’s descendants three centuries after he died. With maidens you have had your way. Warriors don't show their heart until the axe reveals it. Create a free family tree for yourself or for Ragnar Lothbrok and we’ll search for valuable new information for you. Apparently undeterred, Rollo greets the Princess and Emperor in their own language, accompanied by a grin. Later, back at Ecbert's villa, Athelstan goes to Rollo to look after him. Season/s: Rollo is later released by King Ecbert as part of an agreement with the Northmen that includes payment of gold and silver, 5,000 acres of good farming land in Wessex, as well as recruiting those Northmen willing to fight as mercenaries for Princess Kwenthrith in her efforts to rule Mercia. They discreetly invade Kattegat, killing several soldiers quietly but a large battle ensues as the alarm is raised and Ragnar's men realize they are under attack. Rollo is baptized in the river by the Northumbrian bishop and given the Christian name Rolf. When Ragnar wins the duel and kills Haraldson, the Earl's steward, Svein, yells for the other guards to kill Ragnar. In conclusion, Rollo’s jealousy of Ragnar Lothbrok over many things (including Shieldmaiden Lagertha – read about Lagertha here) and the sibling rivalry between the two are purely fictional as they were not related. In the episode Burial of the Dead, when Ragnar learns that Haraldson has tortured his brother, he challenges the Earl to a trial by combat which the Earl accepts. According to Historia Normannorum (also known as Libri III de moribus et actis primorum Normanniae ducum), a biogprahy on Rollo written by Dudo of Saint-Quentin, Rollo was the son of a Danish nobleman and had a brother named Gurim. Status: Rollo Raccolte di Isabella Coletto. Later, Rollo tells Gisla that the only way he'll let them pass is if he can go with them. Some historians already argued that the large-scale attacks on Paris depicted in the TV series happened a long while after Ragnar Lothbrok died. Floki volunteers to remain and take charge of the winter camp, but Rollo rejects that proposal, saying that Floki has "No reason to stay." Humiliated, Rollo decides to leave Kattegat, although Siggy convinces him to stay. Gisla threatens that if she thought that her children were Viking she would kill them and herself which angers him. During the night, Rollo, Torstein, and Floki lead a party that locks Borg's men inside the barn in which they'd been quartered, sets it aflame, and burns them alive. Ragnar and his allies return to Kattegat in triumph. However, after the retreat, he comes to visit Ragnar, Lagertha, and a severely injured Bjorn, a sight upon which he declares to Ragnar that next time they will not make the same mistakes. Ragnar, alongside his brother Rollo who later became the creator and first Duke of Normandy, became loosely famous in Scandinavia due to their successive raids in the Baltics as well as what is today Russia and Ukraine. Rollo strokes her hair and talks about how he cannot wait to take control of his Northern lands at his own court. In his work, Gesta Danorum (“Deeds of the Danes”), the 12th century author Saxo Grammaticus suggests that Hrólfr the Walker is actually Roluo. A fearsome warrior with a wild, impulsive streak, Rollo has begun to grow jealous of his increasingly prominent br In the episode The Choice, as a result, the battle is inevitable. Det nægtede han at gøre, så man blev enige om, at en af hans mænd kunne gøre det i stedet. 45, With Gisla: William (Son)Marcellus (Son)Celsa (Daughter). The name “Rollo” is assumed to be the latinized version of “Hrólfr”. Normandy, West Francia Jarl Borg ultimately captures Kattegat, but not as easily as he'd anticipated. Rollo left feeling angry and defeated jumps over the table and scares some of the Emperor's subjects before striding off into another room. Denmark or Norway – Where Was Rollo From ? Age: She tells him she does it for him, as King Horik and Ragnar are allies now but eventually will fight each other, and Rollo will have to choose between them. Jarl Borg confers with Ragnar while Rollo observes from a distance. Arriving in Götaland, Rollo meets with Jarl Borg, delivering the proposal of resuming the alliance between Jarl Borg, Ragnar, and King Horik. Rollo, Ragnar and the crew land on the Northumbrian shores again. However, there are a lot of theories about the identity of the real Ragnar Lothbrok. Icelandic sagas Heimskringla and Orkneyinga identifies Rollo with Hrolf the Walker. Rollo, having in the past played the rash, impulsive warrior to his normally cautious and deliberate brother, reins his brother in, counseling him against the futility of an attack at present with so few warriors at their disposal. "What do you say, my love?" Please help. During the festivities, Rollo engages in the customary riotous behavior, such as drinking, celebrating, and having sex with other women, much to Siggy's disapproval. As a result of his grief, Rollo drinks heavily and provokes fights with his fellow Vikings. Ragnar Lodbrok Sigurdsson is assumed to be born between 740 and 780. As the Viking fleet sails down the fjord on its way to England, a frustrated Rollo watches from the clifftops, longing to be off raiding once more. Later, his wife accompanies him when he gains a new title and is awarded by the Emperor the Iron hand of Frankia. However, Gisla is still upset that she was forced to marry him against her will and is still disgusted by the former Norseman. 31-ago-2016 - Questo Pin è stato scoperto da Houston Schillo. In the episode Sacrifice, Rollo, Siggy, and her daughter join Ragnar and his family for the pilgrimage at Uppsala.

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